Shawn Bosi


author photoShawn Bosi is 44 years young and is a business owner and aspiring best selling author.

He has owned his business Upright Fences Downright Decks and Patios Inc. for 17 years after going door to door in the town he grew up in. His trials and tribulations as a business owner has allowed him to reach beyond the norm and has created the positive outlook he has on life today.

His business began thriving while he was ordering materials from other local fence companies in his area. These were ” trusted individuals”; many of which he grew up with since an early age. After recorded sales of $693,000 in his 2007 season he never would have imagined what his future had in store for him. He always figured as long as he was buying his materials locally from “trusted individuals” the sky was the limit.  After making over $300,000 in material purchases in 2007 he was hoping to get further discounts off the price of materials but little did he know that his “trusted sources” had other plans.

In the start of the 2008 season he had already received 35 deposits for fence purchases but wasn’t aware of the luncheon the local owners had to discuss his future. Their plan was to increase his material costs by 30% or not to distribute materials to him at all. They also implemented a “dog eat dog” tactic by offering $75.00 rewards for any UPRIGHT fence sign that was brought back to their establishments. All of his had earned advertising displayed on the numerous fences in the area were no longer advertising at all. Instead; he received calls from some of his previous clients who had witnessed people jumping out of cars, running up to their installed fences and UPRIGHT signs being removed.

It was at that point when Shawn was pressed beyond his limits of a human being. He didn’t sleep for days but during this trial he somehow established a wood supplier in China along with another source in Washington. He barely recalls signing the papers for his 2006 bright yellow H2 Hummer as he was now without sleep for 72 hours. He also made an arrangement with a local screen printer to come up with a unique design that would be all over his new H2. He figured his competitors may take all his fence signs down but they couldn’t take his vehicle away from him.

Little did he know the success this form of advertising would have for him. Within two weeks of having the H2 back with screen printing all over it he was awarded his largest residential job still to date along with an additional $100,000 of work.  $140,000 of work just like that!

It was then he realized Gods-Pace in his life.  He realized that whether his competitors were trying to help him or deliberately trying to hurt him- they eventually helped him based upon the ensuing decisions he had made.

In 2009 he was severely injured at work which lead to an uphill battle with his health and also his insurance company. He developed Avascular Necrosis in his left hip and badly herniated 3 discs in his low back. Shortly after his major hip surgery which entailed small pilot holes being drilled through his left hip and while still being on crutches he was again hit with some very difficult news. The insurance company was no longer paying him workman’s compensation benefits and had stated the reason for this was because his injury was ” hereditary”.

He went without his weekly workman’s compensation check which at the time was $1,243.17 weekly. He had a successful business and had recently designed and built his home to accommodate his expanding business. He did not have the ability to keep paying the $10,000 plus a month in expenses.  He soon saw his credit score diving faster than a peregrine falcon from the upper 700’s to the bankruptcy level just to protect his home.

He was taking sometimes 8 Vicodin a day, 3 Oxycontins, 3 muscle relaxers, Lyrica (which was a nerve block) and Amitriptyline to sleep at night so to him it was obvious why the angels began to surround themselves around him.

He decided to ship his car to Hawaii and began the segment of his life he entitles ” No pills , No bills!” He started swimming 3 times a day in the ocean while cleansing himself from all the toxicity the drugs had offered him over the past several years. He began praying and meditating daily in what he now calls God’s HD a.k.a. Hawaii!

Hawaii offered him the serenity his body and mind needed from these trying times and he began consolidating the writings from within his journal to create what is now known as Dreamailty!